If You Get a Sinus Infection…

Sinus infections are not fun. You can take brand after brand of medicine and only feel the slightest bit of relief. Luckily there are natural alternatives to medicine that can help you feel better. You can read the suggestions in the article below and try them yourself if you get sick. We hope you feel better sooner rather than later!

Image: Treat sinus infections at the source using these natural methods

(NaturalNews) Being someone who used to suffer from sinus infections, I can attest to the disruption they cause – the breathing difficulties, the pressure, pain, and congestion. It’s awful, but nothing started to change for me until I mentally got serious about reducing the inflammation and fungus in my body and assisting the function of my mucous membranes and mucus flow.

Hydration is essential

When the sinus cavities are inefficient at removing pathogens, mold, chemicals, dander, pollen, or dust, then congestion, pressure, and infection can manifest. Sinus cavities become inefficient for many reasons. One of the reasons they become inefficient is because the body is not properly hydrated. Adequate intake of water can help thin the mucus in the sinuses, helping eliminate irritants that get trapped in the cavities and inflame the sinuses. If the sinuses are properly draining, the irritant drains into the throat and is ultimately neutralized in stomach acid.

Forcing pathogens beyond mucous membranes retrains the immune system and suppresses the membranes’ ability to respond to future threats

Ineffective mucous membranes could also be caused by vaccines and the consistent retraining of how the immune system responds to pathogens. When pathogens are introduced directly into the muscle tissue and into the blood, the mucous membranes and exocrine system glands are bypassed. When multiple vaccines are administered throughout a person’s young life, the mucous membranes go unused to a certain degree. The immune system is retrained in the process. By method, vaccines suppress our body’s natural ability to filter out and eliminate pathogens in real time. This suppression of a vital defense mechanism is an underlying cause to sinus infections and allergies later in life.

Systemic inflammation of the tissues renders mucous membranes ineffective

Another reason the sinuses become inefficient is due to systemic inflammation of the tissues and the mucous membranes. The mucous membranes are present in cavities throughout the body and they surround internal organs. The mucous membranes are important filters in the nose because they stop pathogens and dirt from entering the body. They also regulate hydration in the tissues and produce mucus when needed. This natural protective mechanism of the human body must be encouraged and strengthened. To reduce inflammation and to speed up the recovery of mucous membranes, one must look to the plant based medicines that do just that.

Plant-based substances that restore the function of sinuses and mucous membranes

Anti-inflammatory substances that also promote tissue repair can be found in: turmeric root, astaxanthin, ginger root, boswellia, pineapple, and devil’s claw.

Plant-based medicines that help make the mucous membranes more effective include: marshmallow root, hyssop, and mullein. These can be combined in a tea.

Manual stimulation and massage therapy of the forehead is often necessary to relieve pressure. The massage technique should start around the temples, move across the forehead, and work its way down in-between the eyes.

Aromatherapy is important too. Essential oils such as lavender, tea tree, oregano, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus can clear out congestion and knock out pent-up pathogens that are exacerbating the infection.

External environment could be overburdening the sinuses

The external environment could be constantly taxing the sinuses as well. A house full of mold pet dander, or perfume chemicals could be overwhelming the sinus passages. An effective air filtration system or indoor plants can help tremendously. Steps can be taken to remove these overwhelming irritants from the household environment.

Manually cleaning out the sinus cavities with a neti pot is sometimes needed. Add a few grains of cayenne pepper in water and use the solution to irrigate the sinus passages. This will help induce sneezing and remove irritants. To make a saline solution for irrigation purposes, use 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to 16 ounces of warm water.

Fungus lifestyle causes reoccurring infections

Infections that have reoccurred for a very long time are a sign that the consumption habits of the individual need to be addressed. The internal environment of the human body could be feeding fungal infection in the sinuses. This, along with longstanding inefficiency of the sinus cavities can put the sinuses in a state of chronic infection. The internal environment must be restored so that fungal conditions such as Candida can no longer dominate. This may require the elimination of refined sugars, most red meat and dairy products.

To restore this internal environment, plan on consuming powerful anti-fungal compounds found in earthy substances such as black walnut hull, Oregon grape root, wormwood, garlic, onions, honey, apple cider vinegar, and burdock root. The diet should also include more alkaline-forming foods for the gut.







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