Optimal Wellness is a partnership: We work with you to create the best path to wellness for you. We consider the mental and emotional aspects of your life, as well as your lifestyle choices and values, while providing quality healthcare. The treatment approach taken will be directed toward addressing the underlying causes of your health issues – removing obstacles to healing, correcting underlying deficiencies, and stimulating a healing response by the body. Our methods are safe, effective, affordable and motivated by one simple goal: To get you healthy again and living life to its fullest.

We provide Ayurvedic Health Consultations, Spa Treatments, and Detoxification and Rejuvenation Retreats (also called Pancha Karma).

Our dedication to providing an elevated experience in personal care and attention, and to delivering the ancient and timeless principles of the life science of Ayurveda is the foundation that sustains Optimal Wellness.

Our expertise is appreciated by Business Professionals, Homemakers, Military, Technology Professionals, Athletes, Artists, Executives, Students, and those who want to heal, and discover, reinforce and maintain essential health. We enjoy working with individuals, in retreat settings, and specialize in customizing and facilitating wellness immersion programs.

SHARMANE SOLOMON, Doctor of Ayurveda, DaY, AHP & CAS

Optimal Wellness Center – Owner and Operator

Sharmane Solomon is passionate about helping clients achieve mind/body harmony, optimal wellness ns renewed vitality. Known for demonstrating holistic, individualized approach to patient care that incorporates a wide variety of healing modalities.  Exert in creating individual treatment plans that address body, mind, and spirit.  Core competencies include:

  • Disease management and prevention
  • Pulse and tongue diagnosis
  • Lifestyle and Diet Changes
  • Pinda Svedana Treatments
  • Energy and Spiritual Healing
  • Dietary Dosha Balancing
  • Marma-Puncture
  • Cupping
  • Panchakarma
  • Yoga and Pilates Therapy
  • Anti-Aging/Hydration IV
  • Lipo-contour Utrasound Cavitation Weight Loss
  • RF Skin Tightening
  • Infrared Whole Body Vibration and Detox

Sharmane Solomon, (Sharaka) is a yogini, yoga and meditation teacher, 200 and 300-hr yoga teacher trainer, Clinical Ayurvedic Health Practitioner, health and life coach, Ayurvedic instructor, international retreat leader, mother, and lover of travel and nature.

For over 20 years Sharmane has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga, Ayurveda, spirituality and wellness modalities. She guides people on experiences to awaken and uncover the infinite and Divine light within. She is a modern-day alchemist who subtly blends the practices of yoga, meditation, pranayama, Reiki, sound, aromatherapy, and more, Ayurveda and spirituality to create yoga classes, workshops, teacher trainings, coaching, and international yoga retreats that align with what she calls the “Sacred Flow” of life.


You can find Sharmane in her own home studio and office in the beautiful spirit-filled community of East Valley where she teaches weekly on the yoga class schedule and holds awakening Ayurvedic workshops. She also teaches workshops across the US and internationally. To connect, check out her schedule here.


Internationally, Sharmane leads 200-hr and 300-hr Ayurvedic yoga teacher trainings, meditation programs, and spiritual retreats. Join our sacred community by adventuring with us on one of our mystical programs designed to unleash the potential your wild and brilliant life.


You can work with Sharmane privately in her Ayurvedic Health and Wellness Coaching practice where she offers programs steeped in Ayurvedic wisdom combined with many alternative healing and spiritual modalities.

How can time with Sharmane support you?

Learn methods and tools to …

  • Discover acceptance, self-love, wholeness, and awakening
  • Improve digestion, diet, skin, sleep, and overall wellness
  • Manage stress, anxiety, and melancholy
  • Uncover your dharma (life’s purpose)
  • Increase energy, clarity, and vibrancy – glow with radiance from inside out
  • Reconnect with nature and the natural elemental rhythms of life
  • Heal your relationship with the Divine masculine-feminine (Shiva-Shakti) energy igniting libido and deepening intimate relationships
  • Re-create positive lifestyle habits for optimal wellness
  • Develop a personal relationship through daily ritual with the Divine
  • Meditate, practice yoga intelligently, and live these practices in everyday life for the awakening the body, mind, and spirit

Sharmane spends each day exploring consciousness and truth and sees yoga and Ayurveda as a living practice, both on and off the mat. Seeing everything as energy and vibration, she is passionate about her family, community, yoga (includes meditation and chanting), Ayurveda, art, nature and wellness as a pathway to connect with the abiding light and beauty within us all. Her certifications are many, including AHP, CAS, PKS, NP, MA, Ytt-200, YTT-300, 500n PSC, Pilates Sports Certification- yet she believes that nothing compares more than daily practice and the experiences of life itself!

Stay in the sacred flow with Sharmane adventures in yoga, Ayurveda, wellness, love, and light – follow her on Instagram and Facebook!


Advanced Health Practitioner / Pursuing PHD, – California College in Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine M.S., – California College of Ayurveda

Holistic Medicine BSN/MSN., – Grand Canyon University

Mind, Body Wellness Practitioner MBW600 – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Yoga Teacher Training 200 – Spirit of Yoga

USUI Reiki Master, Level 1,2,and 3 training – USAI Mastery

Holistic Nutrition, Level 1,2,& 3 Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Completed Balance Body Corealign Level 1 Training Instructor – Sacramento California Balance Body

Pilates Sports Center Program – Instructor -Ocotillo Pilates


Pinda Svendana Cetified Specialist
Cranial Release Technique Practitioner
Dough Basti Specialist
Shirodhora Specialist
Ayurveda Acupuncture Marma therapist
Holistic Nutritionist
Aromatherapy Specialist
Ayurveda Herbal Specialist
Color and Gem Therapist
Sound Healing Therapist
Aura Cleansing Specialist
Chakra Balancing Specialist
Chakradance Facilitator