Natural Muscle Relaxers

Our muscles are constantly working. They have a full-time job throughout our bodies. Muscle aches can be extremely uncomfortable but are a common occurrence post-excersize and physical activity. There are many different options when trying to heal or prevent muscle aches. Here are 12 natural remedies to relax your muscles. Please accept our privacy terms […]

10 Reasons To Unlock The Door To Ayurveda

There are many different aspects that play into Ayurveda. Some people think that your dosha types are the only main parts when in reality there are many different areas that can provide health benefits and wisdom to your personal circumstance. Whether you are looking to find a healthier lifestyle or are trying to create a […]

The truth about ayurveda

If you have never been introduced to ayurvedic medicine it is easy to understand why the terminology and technique are misunderstood. Understanding the health benefits of ayurveda and the associated myths that are stopping individuals from trying this discipline are just a few easy ways to help incorporate it into your life. Ayurveda, once treated […]

Why monk fruit is the best sugar substitute yet discovered

There are good sugars, bad sugars, and sugar substitutes everyone should be aware of. Fruits have plenty of sugar for us, and now researchers have found a fruit that is the best sugar substitute, and chances are you’ve never even heard of it. You’re about to be hearing a lot more about the monk fruit, […]

How To Cure Your Dry Hands

The combination of winter and spring can really dry out your hands. Nobody enjoys having those rough, cracked hands, and putting excessive lotion on them becomes cumbersome, especially when you forget it at home. Here are 11 home remedies, causes, and treatments to get rid of those dry hands, and have baby smooth skin again. […]

Ayurvedic Methods to Help You Sleep

Having a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night?  Do you feel like you have tried everything and are still coming up short? If you answered ‘yes’ to one or both of those questions, then we might have a solution: ayurvedic remedies!  Sleep is extremely important for the body so if you […]

Are You Drinking Your Water the Ayurvedic Way?

Water is crucial to the body’s functioning and homeostasis. There are different opinions out there on how much water you are supposed to drink everyday. Did you know, however, that there are ayurvedic suggestions on how and when to consume water? Learn what they are in the article below and try practicing them yourself. The […]