Bring Out Your Inner Genius

At Optimal Wellness, we are all about finding personalized and alternative ways to heal that actually solve the problem. This article is particularly intriguing as it discusses some ways to bring out the full potential of your mind using a few simple techniques. The human brain is a fascinating thing, most likely because we only have the human brain to understand it with but slowly we are finding ways to open up its true potential. Click the link at the bottom to watch the videos associated with the text below.

  • We are all naturally geniuses
  • Early poisoning with heavy metals damages cognitive function
  • Which minerals can boost cognitive function?
  • Why this is exclusive information: no one else has looked so closely at links between elements and brain function
  • Details about our ICP-MS laboratory and analysis of elemental composition of foods, herbs and superfoods
  • Our research into blocking harmful elements: patents, ion-exchange technologies and more
  • My own experience in enhanced learning and brain function
  • Analyzing my own diet and finding widespread heavy metals contamination
  • How I identified and removed toxic heavy metals from my own diet
  • How you can “awaken” your brain with this protocol
  • You will be able to learn more rapidly, understand high-level concepts, experience improved memory and other benefits
  • Summary of the blueprint: Stop poisoning your brain, start feeding it supportive nutrients
  • Understanding brain plasticity, neural networks, brain healing and cognitive adaptation
  • Why a materialist compartmentalization model of the brain is not accurate
  • Why a full physical brain is not necessary for high levels of intelligence
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