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The Ayurvedic Detox Diet

By April 11, 2015No Comments

One of the best ways we can keep our bodies in balance and free of harmful toxins is to basically flush our system. Utilizing Ayurvedic concepts and health principles this article takes a look at a great detox diet that will help expel most of the toxins that build up in our body.

By ridding your body of these toxins will allow you to keep better control of your overall health by giving you a healthy baseline to start from.

Do you know that detoxification helps your body in a number of ways?
Well, it not only strengthens your immune system and helps your body
function better but also aids you to get rid of toxins from the body.
However, what you should know about this process is that there is a fine
line between detoxing your body and starving it. We interviewed Dr. Nisha Manikanthan, Ayurvedic expert at The Art of Living, and asked her about the Ayurvedic way to detox. Here are some key excerpts from the interview.

What is the Ayurvedic detox diet?

It is a particular type of diet which allows your body to detox on its
own. It is lighter on your digestive system and is easier for your body
to cope since it gets time and energy to perform its regular healing
and detox processes. Apart from that, an Ayurvedic detox diet has a
cleansing effect on your entire body.

Is it different for different people? On what basis is the diet decided?

Yes, it is different for each person. There are two types of detox
diet. One is a general detox diet which is common for everyone. The
second type, is a detox diet which is customized according to your body
and its need.  This type of diet is decided based on the amount of
toxins in your body/system (termed as ‘aama’ in Ayurveda). The factors
usually looked upon are –

  • How much aama a person has and which organ/system it has affected
  • Type of constitution the person has – vata, kapha or pitta – making the kind of toxin build-up of either vaat aama, kapha ama or pitta aama type
  • Lastly, personality of the person

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