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The Ayurvedic Congress to Meet

By March 12, 2015No Comments

There are many who believe feel and understand that simply becoming clouded by the surrounding modern lifestyle can cause your body and soul to loose contact with ones self and become ill. Far beyond this simple thought lies the Ayurvedic concept and even further in the council of 3,000 delegates from across the world that meet to discuss expanding and educating others on the concepts and traditions.

The All Ayurvedic began
here today with experts issuing a clarion call to nearly 3,000
delegates from across the world for restoring the supremacy of Ayurveda

The Ayurvedic Congress is being held in north India for the first time with 2,992 delegates from the country, BRICS and nations assembling here for a brainstorming session which marks the beginning of the four-day Arogya Mela inaugurated by Health and Family Welfare Minister Surjit Kumar Jyani, said an official release here.

Inaugurating the Arogya Mela, Jyani said, “It is unfortunate that the human race is becoming the victim of lifestyle diseases.”

He said that obesity, hypertension, diabetes were becoming
epidemic in the country with people refusing to adopt preventive

He said, “It is a matter of great concern that young population
is becoming a slave and addicted to modern life comforts, electronic
gadgets, stress prone lifestyle, inviting all lifestyle diseases.”

He said that India, the land of Dhanvantri and Ayurveda, has
the potential to become the torchbearer in Ayurveda to provide healing
touch to humanity which is suffering especially in the third world
countries, which cannot afford costly medical care system.

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