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Meditation Tips and Tricks

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Getting a moment to sit and relax in this day and age can be very difficult at times. It is however vital for you to take a few minutes out of your day everyday to take a moment to do some meditation. Letting your days worries melt out and finding your center can help in many ways to ease stress, and elevate mind awareness. Follow these soothing steps to fall into your meditative state quickly and sustain your meditation for longer.

It is
when the mind is quiet and the body still that the real truth may be
revealed. In this space we are primed to receive messages with regards
to our purpose and how to proceed in manifesting our fullest potential.  Our
minds are like a turbulent body of water, only in the stillness can
one’s reflection be seen. Meditation is a powerful tool for spiritual
awakening and personal empowerment. I hope you enjoy these simple
meditation tips to support your personal journey. 

is the mysterious ladder which reaches from earth to heaven, from error
to truth, from darkness to light, from pain to bliss, from restlessness
to abiding peace, from ignorance to knowledge, from mortality, to
~ Sivananda, Bliss Divine
has discovered that the physiological state of meditators undergoes
definite shifts toward more efficient functioning. The most significant
conclusion is that the hormonal imbalance associated with stress and
known to speed up the aging process is reversed – long-term meditators
can have a biological age between five and ten years younger than their
chronological age.”
~ Dr. Deepak Chopra


sure that you are in a comfortable position is very important. If you
are uncomfortable during meditation, it will distract you. This can make
it hard to clear the mind and relax. To help you sit in an upright
position, use pillows and props to support your posture. To maintain a
comfortable body temperature, use blankets and warm clothes as needed.
Make sure to use the bathroom before meditation. Avoid stimulants, such
as caffeine and sugar, before meditation.


a private and calming space to practice meditation. Adjust the lighting
or use an eye pillow to block out external light. Choose a time of day
when you feel most relaxed, before bed or when you first wake. Try your
best to minimize external distractions by turning off computers, phones
and television. Use earplugs as needed.

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