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Marma Therapy

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The classic study of Ayurveda has helped heal people for thousands of years. One key part of ayurvedic training is understanding Marma therapy. Marma therapy is something that we at Optimal Wellness are very well trained in that allows us to have the huge results for our clients that we are looking for. Check out this course on Marma Therapy from the California College of Ayurveda.

Marma points are 107 energetic body points that allow access to the body, mind and consciousness. During this seven-day, 49 hour hands – on program, students will learn the history, classifications, theory and locations, and the effect of each point on the doshas and organs of the body.  Following this you will learn how to interact with each marma point using massage, essential oil application and pranic healing (Ayurvedic energy work) to restore balance to the body and mind. Specific protocols will be taught for bringing healing to different organ systems. Students will work in groups of two throughout the program.

Instructor: Dr. Marc Halpern

Pre-requisite (must have one of the following):

Foundations of Ayurveda Course (CCA), currently enrolled CCA student, currently enrolled student from NAMA recognized school, completion of other Introductory Ayurveda course. Proof of enrollment or course completion (if other than CCA) required at time of registration.  Our Foundations course can be completed through distance learning and takes approximately one month to complete.

“The information was well put together, easy to follow and the result was such a positive one. Dr. Halpern is truly what made this course for me. His presence and ability to communicate to all of us was one that is rarely found” – Totiana Lamberti

“I loved it. The material was so magic“. – Kara Lukowski

“I was very excited and surprised at how much we focused on energy and pranic healing. This knowledge is necessary and will never be forgotten. The experience was so gratifying and there is nothing else I would rather have been doing” – Jaime Lefcovich

“It was really great to learn more about Ayurveda from Dr. Halpern. I appreciate how he is so organized and gave unconditionally from his heart. He is very clear, concise and balanced”. – Monica Yearwood.

“Dr. Halpern is a wonderful guide and has great clarity in teaching” – Dimple Shah

“This is the part of the program that really made me want to change my life” – Michelle Bluette

“As a full time bodyworker, I will use this information every day”. – Thomas Taylor

“It was perfect!” – Julie Wardell

“Dr. Halpern  is the best teacher I have ever worked with”. – Gina Abeyts (2009)

“It’s been a while since anyone has been been able to enlighten me and I am very excited about it”. – Gina Abeyts (2009)

“Great information, stress free environment and a spiritual setting”. – Bonnie Malbia (2009)

“It’s very complete, very well prepared and very important” – Lucs Tubio ( 2009)

“Dr. Halpern brings out information that can not be drawn from a book” – Glen Swindler (2009)

“The guided marma meditation was great”.- Bernadette Mansori ( 2009)

“I loved it!” – Jen Petullo ( 2009)

“It was an amazing learning and growth experience” (Jen Petullo 2009)

“The sessions in class affected me profoundly” ( Jen Petullo 2009)

“This work is extremely powerful, I felt honored to be here” ( 2009 participant)

“It was much more than I expected” (2009 participant)

“It was wonderful and Dr. Halpern is an inspiration to be around” (Debra Devi (2009)

Read more at:

T: 480-650-3577

1030 S Gilbert Rd
Suite 130
Gilbert, AZ 85295