Ayurveda and Yoga

Practicing Ayurveda and yoga together is very beneficial because it encourages more wellness and natural healing than done just one thing alone. Now that it feels like spring, why not try to incorporate the one you have not been practicing to the one you have already tried? If you follow the Ayurveda healing system, try […]

The Advantages of Ancient Traditional Medical Systems

Prevention and treatment of all related diseases were well-known to our sages in the Vedic era. Today modern medical science works mainly in these areas: Primary prevention Secondary prevention Control Cure Acute management Rehabilitation Palliation   If we go through a comparative analysis of the above-mentioned factors we come to the conclusion that ancient traditional […]

Why You Should Add Holy Basil To Your Diet

The list of benefits found in ‘holy basil’ seem to be endless according to this article. This herb not only bring anti-aging, detoxifying and immunizing properties, but it is also used in Ayurveda! The article below dives into all of the benefits you feel if you consume holy basil. Read more to understand the benefits! […]

Ayurveda in the New Year.

Is your resolution in the new year going to be to practice ayurveda more? If so, you can use this article as your starting guide! It explains and teaches a different meditation for each of the three doshas. Meditation itself has many benefits so if you tie that into ayurveda you will be even better […]

If You Get a Sinus Infection…

Sinus infections are not fun. You can take brand after brand of medicine and only feel the slightest bit of relief. Luckily there are natural alternatives to medicine that can help you feel better. You can read the suggestions in the article below and try them yourself if you get sick. We hope you feel […]

Stopping Sickness with Ayurveda

Cold and flu season is in full swing. There are a lot of things we have all most likely resorted to doing in the fall and winter to prevent sickness like taking vitamins, getting enough sleep, and getting the flu shot. However, have you ever thought about how ayurveda, a practice we know and love, […]

A Possible Aid in Asthma Treatment

It is likely that you know someone who suffers from asthma. If you personally do, you know how uncomfortable you can be during an attack. Besides inhalers, there are not many other options for treating asthma. This is where essential oils have stepped in. Essential oils bring many benefits for a wide variety of health-related […]