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Ayurvedic Procedures Explained

By April 3, 2015No Comments

for those of us that have been paralleling our existing heath with positive heathly lifestly the Ayurvedic concept and treatments are of a simple and relaxing nature meant to help you find the center of your health. However for many of the public Ayurveda can be a confusing form of health that may make some leery.

This article serves to clear the air about Ayurvedic treatments and what they offer to the overall heath of those who participate.

Whether you’re interested in preventing serious disease and improving
your health in general or you want to treat specific symptoms such as
headache, obesity, or insomnia, Ayurveda works.

These patients are joined by thousands of other people all over
the world who are living proof that this holistic, integrated health
system is as effective as it was when it originated in India nearly six
thousand years ago. For one example of vedic science being lived in the
modern world, visit my friends at the Sonoma Ashram at

Today the ancient beauty and wisdom is spreading to the Western
world, thanks in part to the success of the best-selling books and
videotapes of Dr. Deepak Chopra, who was one of my early teachers.

The message is falling on eager ears for good reason:

Although modern mainstream medicine has achieved enormous success
in some areas, particularly traumatic injury, acute infections, and
certain types of cancers, the track record is not so impressive for
treating chronic diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, heart
disease, and most types of cancer.

Complementary, alternative, or unconventional therapies such as
Ayurveda have stepped in to fill the gap, so much so that they are being
called “the hidden mainstream.” This phenomenon was recently documented
in the New England Journal of Medicine when it published a survey that
found that one out of three people used at least one unconventional
therapy in 1990.

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