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Finding Your Dharma from Within

By October 12, 2016No Comments

The word, inspiration, comes from the Latin root word “spire” meaning spirit and the prefix “in” which means “within”. Thus, inspiration is what happens when we get in touch with the spirit within us. To be inspired is our natural state of being. To feel inspired is to feel the joy, excitement and enthusiasm that come with feeling connected to a greater purpose.   What is a greater purpose? It is a purpose greater than one’s own selfish pursuits. It is a purpose for a higher motive, a greater cause or calling. It is what happens when the Divine speaks to you and prompts you to take action. This Divinely motivated action is sometimes called “dharma” in Hinduism.  What’s your dharma? What’s your higher purpose?


Each person has a dharma.  Some learn it through a vision. Others hear a voice. It is a Divine experience to realize one’s dharma. The good news is that everyone can discover the dharma. To do so, there are only two things necessary.

1. Be still.  It is in the stillness that the Divine speaks to you. This occurs in meditation or a moment of Divine reflection. It can happen in your living room or on a mountain top.

2. Surrender: This is the hardest part. You have to be willing to surrender to your dharma to receive a clear vision of your dharma. The Divine speaks to those who are ready to listen, not just hear.

What will you do if you don’t like your dharma? What if it’s hard work? What if it will be fraught with challenges? Will you still surrender and serve?  The only answer that will do is “YES!” Without a yes, you have not surrendered and your own ego will get in the way of listening to the Divine.

I am reminded of my own vision when surrendered my life to a high power…..All I wanted was to serve. All I wanted  clear direction. When the vision came, it was big. It was large. And, it was scary. But it was also so incredibly exciting and the prana (energy) that surged through me was greater than anything I had previously experienced. I have tried my best to surrender and serve that vision ever since.

 You be still and hear the universes-May you have the courage to surrender to what you hear.

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