Ayurveda150x191Optimal Wellness is a partnership: We work with you to create the best path to wellness for you. We consider the mental and emotional aspects of your life, as well as your lifestyle choices and values, while providing quality healthcare. The treatment approach taken will be directed toward addressing the underlying causes of your health issues – removing obstacles to healing, correcting underlying deficiencies, and stimulating a healing response by the body. Our methods are safe, effective, affordable and motivated by one simple goal: To get you healthy again and living life to its fullest.

We provide Ayurvedic Health Consultations, Spa Treatments, and Detoxification and Rejuvenation Retreats (also called Pancha Karma).

Our dedication to providing an elevated experience in personal care and attention, and to delivering the ancient and timeless principles of the life science of Ayurveda is the foundation that sustains Optimal Wellness.

Our expertise is appreciated by Business Professionals, Homemakers, Military, Technology Professionals, Athletes, Artists, Executives, Students, and those who want to heal, and discover, reinforce and maintain essential health. We enjoy working with individuals, in retreat settings, and specialize in customizing and facilitating wellness immersion programs.

SHARMANE SOLOMON, N.P., P.K.S. (Ayurvedacharya), AHP Intern

Optimal Wellness Center – Owner and Operator

Sharmane Solomon has always had a passion for healing and helping individuals. From a young age, she was exposed to natural healing methods through her grandmother’s treatments. Taking knowledge passed down to her through her family, Sharmane pursued obtaining her BSN, her MS specializing in Homeopathic Medicine/Holistic Wellness from Grand Canyon University.

Sharmane worked in the medical field as a nurse practitioner for more than 20 years, but was discouraged with Western medicine’s growing focus on the business of health – generating a profit rather than focusing on patients as individuals and treating their specific needs. This led her to leave mainstream healthcare and start her own practice: Optimal Wellness. Blending her vast knowledge of Western science and nursing with ancient, Eastern healing methods, Sharmane is able to treat patients completely.

“I believe in a holistic, individualized approach to patient care that incorporates a wide variety of healing modalities. Every individual is unique: meaning what works for one person may not be effective for someone else. I work with patients to develop individual treatment plans that address body, mind and spirit.” -Sharmane Solomon, N.P. & P.K.S. AHP intern

In addition to her nursing background, Sharmane is also certified in Cranial Release Technique, holistic nutrition, Reiki, Cranial Sacral Unwinding, Polarity, Aroma-touch, therapeutic yoga and she is a certified essential oil specialist.


Advanced Health Practitioner / Pursuing PHD, – California College in Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine M.S., – California College of Ayurveda

Holistic Medicine BSN/MSN., – Grand Canyon University

Mind, Body Wellness Practitioner MBW600 – Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Yoga Teacher Training 200 – Spirit of Yoga

USUI Reiki Master, Level 1,2,and 3 training – USAI Mastery

Holistic Nutrition, Level 1,2,& 3 Southwest Institute of Healing Arts
Completed Balance Body Corealign Level 1 Training Instructor – Sacramento California Balance Body

Pilates Sports Center Program – Instructor -Ocotillo Pilates


Pinda Svendana Cetified Specialist
Cranial Release Technique Practitioner
Dough Basti Specialist
Shirodhora Specialist
Ayurveda Acupuncture Marma therapist
Holistic Nutritionist
Aromatherapy Specialist
Ayurveda Herbal Specialist
Color and Gem Therapist
Sound Healing Therapist
Aura Cleansing Specialist
Chakra Balancing Specialist
Chakradance Facilitator